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A response to those who judge people who are sick for going out and having fun.

Source: Why I Won’t Apologize for Having Fun While Sick | The Mighty

Bury the Living (The Revolutionary Series, #1)Bury the Living by Jodi McIsaac

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Disclaimer: NetGalley is a wonderful program where you can find books to read and review. This is one of the gems I’ve picked up from them.

This was a good book! It started a bit slow, but it included a bit of history of Ireland that I’m not schooled in. I’m sure those who are well-versed in their Irish history may find that part a bit boring. But it’s necessary for those here in America who didn’t get that history in their regular education. Meanwhile, you’re getting to know the main character and what is going on in her life, and how history has affected her.

I thought writing this review would be easy, it was such an exciting book I couldn’t put it down! But I’m finding it hard not to put spoilers in my review leaving it sounding pretty boring.

Modern day, Nora O’Reilly turns to her Catholic church when it seems all is lost, finds sisters of the flame who lead her to new adventures in 1923. Can she change history by saving the right people? And how can she do that?

This book kept me up reading, two nights in a row. I love time travel books. And the concepts of possible changes to timelines. This one keeps you thinking.

There is only one problem in this book as far as I’m concerned. It doesn’t quite end. Though it doesn’t leave you on the cliffhanger, you know there’s more to read. I hope there’s a book two.

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Yarn and Patterns for Knitting and Crochet

Source: Man Makes Thousands of Charity Hats While in Hospice / Lion Brand Notebook – Lion Brand Yarn

I feel like making the hats give purpose to my life when I can’t do much else. So I can identify him. He is now my hero!

Today’s the day we learn how to create an adorable little Pumpkin Hat from beginning to end!😀 Just some refreshers of the project and Loom/Crochet Along:  The pumpkin is created with loom k…

Source: Let’s Loom a Pumpkin Hat Today!🙂

The New Guide to Knitting and CrochetThe New Guide to Knitting and Crochet by Marie Jane Cooper

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I did not read every word here. But there are a lot of patterns and advice on knitting and crocheting. Unfortunately. these are old fashioned patterns. You can tell by the titles of the patterns. Worst of all there are no pictures. I just don’t know how well the finished product is supposed to look without that reference. It might be fun to try.

Because of the frequent advice, I will not delete this book from my library as it may hold gems I need to be better at these crafts.

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Bravo and ElphieBravo and Elphie by Hagit R. Oron

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh, what a delightful little book! It speaks to the shy one in all of us. Scared of something? Try to help someone else out of their fears and suddenly you are set free. This would have been a great book for my offspring when they were tiny and afraid.

Beyond the adorable illustrations, this gem offers plenty of conversation starters. Can elephants really climb up the slide steps? Would an elephant be friends with a rat? I remember a Mythbusters show that demonstrated how the big beasts seemed to shy away from mice. But it could just be that elephants care for their little friends of the plains and don’t want to hurt them. Who knows?

Of course we could talk about the main message of being afraid and thinking of ways to help others get over their fears. Even as adults, don’t we need that reminder every now and then?

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The Ultimate AirFryer Cookbook: Over 50 Quick & Easy Low Fat Recipes for Every Day and Every FamilyThe Ultimate AirFryer Cookbook: Over 50 Quick & Easy Low Fat Recipes for Every Day and Every Family by Paul Wilson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Okay, I didn’t do much more than thumb through what this book has to offer. I didn’t know what air frying was before this book came along. It sounded interested, healthy. So when it appeared on the carousel on my new RCA 10 Viking Pro (yep, I got a new toy!) I thought I’d see what it was all about. The recipes seem so yummy and healthy. But how does one ‘Air Fry”? I couldn’t imagine. So I looked it up. And now I have another toy to research for my gift card goals. Um, I’ve been doing mPoints Plus and other surveys to earn money or gift cards. So here is the web page I found for my wishlist:…

Once I get this I will try some of these recipes and re-evaluate this book. Can’t wait!

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Summer Court: A Paranormal Romance (The Tarot Witches Book 4)Summer Court: A Paranormal Romance by SM Reine

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well, Sara Reine has written another winner. Not for kids, this one. But with all the fast moving adventure of the rest of her books.

I need to take a time out to disclose that this book was given to me for an honest review.

No one could say that Ms. Reine is bigoted in any way. She employs characters from across the gamut of known and unknown beings. In this case, the main character, Samita Madin, is a paraplegic who is pregnant. And if I interpret it right, she is Indian. She is in love (in lust?) with Slater Reinhard who is a recently turned werewolf. That in itself is a story, but Sara placed this one about the time of the world ending. If Samita didn’t have enough against her, she has received a tarot card. Yeah, in this series that is what certain witches receive and it sets a course for them whether they accept it or not. In this case, Death is the card. Could her life get any worse?

The problems I had with the book are not due to the author. I found I had to reread a lot of parts of the story because I sometimes got lost. Anyone else have this problem in the summer? The days last so long so my reading time is later than usual. I’m usually more tired and my ADD is at its highest. So ‘shiny things’ distract me from my reading.

It is disappointing to see my reading goal so far from being hit. I am about 17 books behind. Yikes! But I love summer! So I will try to find some short books to catch up.

Anway, if you have started reading SM Reine from Six Moon Summer (Seasons of the Moon #1) on you will be happy to enter back into her world. Just remember, though, this is a book for adults, there are a few erotic scenes if that is not your thing. But they don’t distract from the story so, speed past and keep enjoying the rest of the story.

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Freedom: My Book of FirstsFreedom: My Book of Firsts by Jaycee Dugard

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I don’t do this often. But when Jaycee was on her book tour on the talk shows I knew I wanted to read her new book. I like reading inspiring books about real people.

Jaycee Dugard has been through hell and back. But she is always upbeat and seems to have her head screwed on right. Her book is about her life since getting home. Whereas her first book was more about the kidnapping and how it affected her, this one is about FREEDOM. It makes the reader see things from a new light. The things we take for granted are things she gets excited about, like her horses and dogs and cats.

I was lucky to be able to pick up the Audible version as I had a credit screaming at me to get something. So I got to hear the book in her voice. I think that helped a lot. You could hear the emotions along the way.

My biggest problem with the book/audio combo is that you end up not seeing the pictures. Had I not messed up and accidently moved the progress bar ahead, I wouldn’t have even known about that. I did love seeing the joy of Jaycee in these pictures. I don’t know how I would fix that. Maybe put all the pictures in the back of the book on the Kindle version? Maybe put links to the names mentioned to tap on to go to the picture and back? I don’t know. I’m just glad I had the chance to see these. And I’m glad I had the chance to read this sweet book. I wish Jaycee and her daughters and mother all the happiness this world has to offer!

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The Other Einstein: A NovelThe Other Einstein: A Novel by Marie Benedict

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Disclosure: I was given this ARC/Uncorrected Proof (?) from for an honest review.

Sorry to be getting so far behind on my reviews/reading. Summer. That’s all I can say. I am still knitting and crocheting hats for Hugger Hats (for the homeless or cancer victims) and then there is a lot of going outside and gardening, walking, traveling to Bend, and fighting flares take up a lot of my time now. Reading this book seemed to happen after the sun went down (9:30-10) when I was dog tired. Often getting to bed after midnight and being awakened at dawn (4:30-5) made for a sleep deficit. Warm days call for siesta! Good thing I am taking Spanish (and German) on Doulingo so I could come up with a word meant to take care of people in the summer heat.

As for this book… This was a good book. I appreciate the author going into the research to present to us a brilliant woman who was left behind to be yet another Hausfrau. We need many more books like this as history has only centered on HIS story. It is time to see Her story. Did you know that Albert took full credit for a theory SHE came up with and had the math skills he didn’t have to prove it all? This is a book that will make you mad. But it will give you an idea of what has happened in millions of marriages throughout his-story. Because of biology, women, brilliant or no, are forced to take care of home and children while the man gets all the glory and mental stimulation while she washes dishes and cleans poopy diapers. Why is that? What could have happened had all those chores be shared while all the brains got all the education and stimulation they needed, male or female?

The story was rich. But I felt it lacked a bit in energy. Not sure how I can explain that drag. And maybe it isn’t the author but rather… see my apology paragraph. On the other hand, maybe the edited version are better done. I must admit that the beginning of each chapter with a letter–was it a formatting issue? It was very distracting, especially for a text-to-speech reader like me. But then maybe those who are able to read without the TTS don’t even see that? And maybe all that has been fixed by now.

Those issues aside, I think this is another book that should be required reading for everyone. Except I always hate books that were required reading. SO PLEASE READ THIS BOOK. See if you don’t find enlightenment!

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