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Sometimes it’s best to stop and listen to the rain.

Sometimes, it is just so beautiful!

One-Liner Wednesday

Thank you, Chris!❤️
Thank you, Linda for One-Liner Wednesday

I cannot be the only one to have a sad bin filled with left over sock yarn, those odds and ends that remain after a project, in assorted colours and yardages. Ok, maybe ‘sad bin’ isn’t a fair categorization of this left over yarn. A bin full of potential, perhaps? For me, my bin continues […]

Top Five Ideas for Left Over Sock Yarn

Honey, Baby, Mine: A Mother and Daughter Talk Life, Death, Love (and Banana Pudding)Honey, Baby, Mine: A Mother and Daughter Talk Life, Death, Love by Laura Dern
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a fun read. Maybe a little too loud. Okay, they weren’t too loud. I giggled too loud on occasion. Laura Dern and her mother, Diane Ladd, share their relationship with us. That includes love and joy and a squabble once in a while. I think that made this memoir special. And to feel like Diane was trying to get healthy and Laura was trying to save her mother’s life. In the meanwhile, we, the listener/reader, get brought into this beautiful relationship. They share their struggles of the past while dealing with the health issues of the moment. I think mothers and daughters everywhere can relate and learn from these two and their walks.

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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “left alone.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

Left alone, to my own devices… starts my stream. Is that the saying? Are we talking cellphones and laptops or is ‘devices’ even the word being used? Yep. That’s the word. But it doesn’t seem to be alluding to our electronics.

What it is about means more to those of us with ADD/ADHD. We can, whether left alone or not, get into a lot of trouble.

Take for instance, me, nine-months pregnant with my second baby. My first husband was away on a work assignment. I loved rearranging my furniture. With nesting bug setting in, it was worse. With carpeting, the full entertainment center should slide where I need it to. Not.

Suddenly the center snagged and tilted. The heavy TV threatened to fall off. One hand balanced the top shelf, the other held up the television. One foot holding the center in place. So I only had one foot. I angled it between the free wall that separated the living room from the kitchen and then I managed to grab the phone (no cellphone back then) with my toes. I pushed the buttons of the friends who lived nearby with my toes.

Though it seemed like hours of balancing, it had to have been less than five minutes. I think my oldest was still down for his nap when my friend tapped on the door. He came in when I loud-whispered, “Come in.”

I received the lecture about doing such things without another person around, especially when pregnant, as my friend rescued the TV and moved everything where I wanted it. He was like a second dad. He and his wife were such good friends to us. So he knew I would probably not hear the speech, but he felt obligated to give it anyway.

We both knew my husband wouldn’t even notice the new arrangement. And we both knew I’d do it again if left alone to my own devices.

Moms multitask, even 9 months pregnant, especially left alone.

Finishing Friday

Two pairs are nearly finished. I would guess this greyish brown pair will be done tomorrow. Yay!

Eight more rounds of ribbing and these will be done. Maybe Sunday?
These are weeks from being finished.
These might be a week or so from hot off the looms.
I know, not related to knitting but our weird dark cloudy days had the hay barn in a glow. It looked like angels were singing! I know, I’m a dork. It’s the little things, right? This was a couple days ago

Pineapple StreetPineapple Street by Jenny Jackson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’m not sure where I heard about this book. Maybe GMA? As a writer, it was fun to watch the character development. But as a reader, that was about the extent of it. Yet the writing style was fun. I loved some of the authors’ idioms in descriptions or dialogue.

This was a Libby library audiobook. Marin Ireland (Narrator) kept it fun. Her voice sounded like Kelly McCreary, Maggie Pierce, of Grey’s Anatomy. The same kind of energy that was fun.

Sadly there wasn’t a lot of growth for these children of wealth, but there is some. Mostly it was a fun little read if you don’t want depth. A good beach read, if you know what I mean.

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One Liner Wednesday

Does one get a badge for living through Firefly Lane? You’re crying, I’m not crying? 😭

Part of Linda’s One-Liner Wednesday.

Time Keeping Tuesday

This was on a David Attenborough post on Facebook. Click on David Attenborough to learn more.

Memorial Day

This says it all, includes so many…


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