Just for me! Don’t know why I am so fascinated by blogs but it make sure I journal somewhere!

On my novel I am at word count 24,100 out of 50,000. This is farther than I ever expected to go and I still feel a lot of story left for my group of characters.

I find it interesting that how I can sit or lie around thinking about the book. I often play a game while waiting for ideas to come. But when I actually start writing word after word, even when they don’t seem to make sense at first the story line or the characters take the cue and make it happen for me.

Oh, I am supposed to be finished with the book by the 15th but I think it might take a week or so longer. I do plan on being finished and starting a new one by the REAL NaNoWriMO(.com) That is in November.

I best get busy. I think I journal to procrastinate from everything else!