I am on my second reading and fifth viewing of A Song of Ice and Fire (TV Series: Game of Thrones). I am immersed.

My first reading had me spitting angry. The world is already so misogynistic; I didn’t think the world needed another book that reflected our current world so much. But on this second read, I am seeing the how some women, with the right encouragement, became independent beings. And even in their striving to be their own persons, they make mistakes or see the world very similarly to their male counterparts.

George R. R. Martin writes with rhythm. I hear that more than see it with my eyes. I listen to the stories on Audible while reading on my Kindle. The author and narrator dance and sing a duet of visions. If you haven’t read this yet, or haven’t seen the series, you owe it to yourselves to take it in. I must warn you, though, there is violence and sexual scenes. They do fit into the story to help reflect the era. As a writer I feel I have a lot to learn from this great author.