I agree! I want more positive sci-fi with strong independent people.

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There is an interesting movement happening that I just discovered this morning.  It is a call to action and resource to science fiction writers to imagine the future.  (And not the post apocalyptic we are all going to nuke ourselves kind of future.)  The type of place where new technology is imagined, far off places can be reached, and the world isn’t such a horrible place.

Science fiction has always been a precursor to technology.  Without artists and writers imagining the impossible – who will?  No one will be able to research and create those things so far fetched we all thought they could never be.  (A computer you can hold in your hand anyone?  iPhone much?)

Arizona State University has launched their Center for Science and the Imagination where they are working on two main projects Hieroglyph and The Tomorrow Project.

The mission of the Center for Science…

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