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Part two of the fun my friend had!

dreampunk geek

The beautiful people were everywhere at Steampunk World’s Fair 2013.  Everyone was so sweet when we accosted them asking for photos.  No one turned us down and everyone posed and smiled on queue.  It was fabulous.

I chased this lady down the hallway to get her photo crying “Monarch Lady!  Monarch Lady!”  It was worth it.  A friendly Jedi helped catch her attention for me.

DreampunkGeek: Steampunk Butterfly Lady at SPWF 2013

The friendly Jedi.  He really was a trip.  His light saber had a power pack that lit up attached to his belt that looks so snazzy.

DreampunkGeek: Steampunk Jedi at SPWF 2013

Even though it was drizzling outside this gentleman posed for us to snap his pic.  I fell in love with his hair.  Can’t explain it.  All I know is he looked particularly dapper.

DreampunkGeek: Steampunk Dapper Gentleman at SPWF 2013

His parrot moves and talks.  Need I say more?  When I was wearing my wings he actually stopped me and said “I love your wings, and…

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What fun my friend had!

dreampunk geek

Am breaking this up into a few posts because there was just so much to see and do.

Steampunk World’s Fair (SPWF) 2013 is officially over.  I’m back home on the west coast and beginning to return to normalcy.

There is so much to say and show I’m not entirely sure where to start…

…I’ll start with me.  (Call me self-centered.  It might be true…)

I was dressed in red as the Fairy Catcher Extraordinaire on Friday.  Then I saw Steampunk C3PO, accosted him, asked for a hug, and made Juana take a photo.  One of my fav moments of the night.

DreampunkGeek: Steampunk Anna and C3PO

Next day I was the Raven Lady.  Lots of black and feathers, although I don’t think you can see the feathers too well in the photos.  My bustle was made entirely of them, and the faux iron wings were lined with feathers on the top.

The lovely Juana…

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