So love Steampunk Dream!

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Here are some of the music and events from last weekend’s Steampunk World’s Fair.  If you are around NJ in Mid-May next year you should try to make this event.  It is so much fun.  Come in costume or in regular cloths.  Everyone is welcome.


Steam Powered Giraffe:

First of all, these guys are so fun to watch in person.  They look, act, and sound like robots.  It’s a little freaky (in the good kind of way.)

I had no idea how popular they were.  They filled a massive tent and overflowed into the parking lot around the stage.  Much fan girl screaming was had.

Check out their site here.

The Folks Below:

My family fell in love with this band and stalked them throughout the event.  Not creepy stalking… just making sure to hit their performances.

Check out their site here.

The Folks Below

Kate Kat:

A lovely Opera…

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