Do all new bloggers go through this? I get so distracted now browsing other blogs that it seems I forget to write my own. And then there is all the reading I do. If you want to see my reviews check out my shelves on GoodReads.

Today I started on my second read of the last two books of A Song of Ice and Fire. In this second reading I am following the prescribed list according to Boiled Maybe it is because of watching the series and talking with my offspring about both books and HBO version (my adult children roped me into it and we have had many, many discussions, and listened to podcasts (Boiled once again), or maybe it is that reading the two books in this manner, it all makes more sense this time around. I know more of the characters and the roles they play.

Umm. Did I mention I have ADD? And that I am now 63,  my mind jumps around more than it ever did before. So… The blogging, yes. How do you all come up with such great topics to blog about? How is it that you tear yourselves away from reading to write, blogs or otherwise? I am still trying to figure out that balance. And I’m retired. How do you students, young parents with jobs do it all?

And now I need to get ready for my walk. The weather was hot today so my hubby and I decided to walk in the evening when it is cooler. Don’t have to wear sunscreen this way!