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Dar49 Daily. Yep! I have a paper. It is fun to work with. I select the news that I want to see. I try to keep what I choose positive, Earth-friendly. but bring attention to social injustices. The paper is heavy, right now, about Game of Thrones and fibromyalgia health issues. Oh, and I try to find a lot of articles on writing and books. Hope you all like it. The thing is, when you start to set up your paper, you get to put in the search bar the things you are interested in. Up pops a bunch of news feeds from AP through Twitter. Then you go to your paper and run a refresh and pick and choose from what is presented. I think it is a  fun, informative procedure. AND I don’t have to write in journalism form, I can stay my emotive, opinionated self over here. All AP style is done for me. 🙂

You know that feeling when you finally hit the sand at the beach, you take off your shoes and feel the warm grains of sand massaging, absorbing your feet and spirit, and then that precious moment when you stand in the foam and hear the pounding of waves, smell the salt in the air? Or that moment when the car gets to the forest of evergreens and you have to stop the car as your eyes release the tension of the sun and city, and you smell the pine and dirt? That is how this blog affected me.

Okay, I am not doing the sunrise thing. Been there, done that. But I understand the concept. The only way a sunrise is beautiful to me is when I have had a productive writing night and I see it as time to go to sleep, at last.

The rest of this speaks to my soul. I hope it speaks to yours, too. Thank you, Jasmine, for sharing on

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