I so get this!


“I hear ya on the time management “tips” on the internet in general…I think most of those are written by people who don’t have ADHD or know much about it. It’s like a sighted person writing “tips for seeing” for blind people! That’s what I appreciate this blog…Doug knows what it’s like, and he offers tips that have worked for him.”

Yep…I’ve sure heard “that’s just an excuse” from my mother (a retired elementary school teacher!) many times about the struggles my children and I have. It doesn’t help that many of us CAN overcome our issues some of the time…people get the idea that we could do it if we really wanted to. It’s true…if I have a 7:30 meeting that I need to be there for and I know it will have a significant impact on my employment if I’m late, I will most likely be there. Same…

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