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Dar49 Daily

Dar49 Daily. Yay! Another fun one. I love those news robots!

Reblogging from dreampunk geek! Awesome voices!

dreampunk geek

Been busy, life and all that stuff.  Going to be busy for the next month due to work, but I do have things to share and post.

…like this little piece of awesomeness!  Pure freaking awesomeness!  The song “Diamonds” by Rhianna is great to begin with, but this cover by Steam Powered Giraffe is seriously addicting.  I’ve got it stuck on repeat while I bust out this mountain of work.

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The Scriptorium Daily. This the newspaper of my friends. Notice how the robots choose the heading. My articles are located under ‘Adult’ yet they are rated ‘G’ articles. I suppose if you pay for the Premium you have more control. But it seems if you have more available that is all the more time you have to devote to making sure your paper comes out with intelligent reading material. As we all know, just because it is on the internet doesn’t make it true, or smart

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