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CWin Post. Here’s my husband’s He’ll click with the more political of you all.

13 Ways to Convince a Literary Agent to Represent You – Mozilla Firefox.

The Scriptorium Daily. For those that like a spicier here are our friends at Scriptorium Daily!

Dar49 Daily. Well, that’s more like it. Sorry for the confusion, folks. It seems, for me, the best way to promote my is through Chrome. There are lots of podcastie articles here today so don the headset! Enjoy!


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Keto Diet

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Body Detox


Climbing, Outdoors, Life!

Mr. NahasFinance

Today's generation is financially illiterate, so I am going to attempt to change that one person at a time.

Sophia Maria

My mind is as elaborate as the solar system.

Northern Fairytale

I have lived a thousand lives because I read - George R. R. Martin


Fan of GOD

A Vision of Change

Chris Green Reads

struggling through one book at a time

Teeth Health

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Live Life, Be Happy

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Stories and More By A.M. Moscoso

Songs Voices Never Share

Understanding Life with Art

Art by Susan M. L. Moore


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