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I recently found a spiral notebook full of exercises I did during a writers group in 2006. This must have been between the time when I wrote on my Palm Pilot via  portable keyboard and laptop or tablet. Most are crap, some might spark an idea for future scribblings. I have been Dragon NaturallySpeaking them into my yWriter project I’ve titled Anthology. This one I felt held promise.

Prompt: Renaissance, unfold, somewhere, consequences.

English: A Butterfly Taken at Tropical Wings i...

English: A Butterfly Taken at Tropical Wings in the butterfly house. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Butterfly Wings

The consequences unfold, somewhere the Renaissance begin again.

The consequences unfold,

somewhere the Renaissance begin again.

Oppression has had her awful reign.

Foreign and domestically,

monies have met their doom.

Religious Right-wing Activists.

Real wings will unfold.

History repeats itself globally.

No longer will others suppress expression.

Without money to back itself,

the vocal minority slinks back in revolt.

The poor house value, creativity, love.

Those they couldn’t express for fear

Fear of reprisal, jail, or even death.

Now rising from Renaissance’s ashes,

the Phoenix of truth takes wing.

Somewhere out on an island

in the middle of the Pacific

a cry is heard.

A shout that travels

over the island,

over the seas.

A very small being

makes itself heard.

The drummers send signals

attesting the sound.

Dancers prance out

the message,

while singers unite

in harmonious chorus.

They whisper to us,

as the shout is heard

around the world.

Newscasters learn of this event,

walk off the job,

to new lives.

Employees learn crafts to barter,

while Wall Street shuts down to silence.

Murals depicted on subway walls,

and freeway underpasses,

proclaiming the truth once more.

Learning to live and survive

then thrive as wings unfold


What is the message?

Who shouted out?

It was that butterfly

that batted it’s wings

once maybe twice,

the bird above soaring

and everyone heard.

Be alive!

Be free!

Be unique!

The world celebrated

the small butterfly

his three days of life–

set the world free.

copyright 2006 Darlene Milner

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