Man Made Man
Man Made Man by Marjorie F. Baldwin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Disclosure: This was a copy given to me by the author for honest review. Thank you for the opportunity!

This was supposed to be my year of reading strictly strong fem main characters written by strong fem authors. As my constant attempts to re-read A Song of Ice and Fire prove, that goal is merely a guideline. My decision came about when I realized that most of my formative years I read mainly works by males. And teachers only recommended (required) books by and about males. I’ll admit to being a latebloomer. Now that I am retired, I realize I should catch up on fem reading.

This book only hits one of my goals. Friday (Marjorie F. Baldwin) is a strong fem writer. Even though the females in this story are not the main characters, I do find they are interesting. In fact, my favorite person in this series is Shayla. But, she isn’t even human. On the other hand, the main character, Raif is interesting, and human.

Another thing about this author is her ability to throw in subject matter that might cause discomfort, but isn’t that what true science fiction should do? For that, I am happy to know her and have the chance to read her books.

Even for an ARC as such, the errors got lost in the story. I think my biggest problem was I felt I have read this series inside out and backwards. The timeline in my head was making me dizzy. I feel jealous of those who will be able to read the series in order. Someday I will try to re-read these in order. I do look forward to more books by Friday. I’d especially love to see more about Shayla and her people.

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