I certainly relate to this blogger, her pains and her solutions. Maybe you can find some ideas to use in your life?

Tripping The Fibro Fantastic

No you silly kids, not that kind of poo. Although we could talk about that if you’d like – The Fairy Tale of Fibro & IBS– as perfectly suited for one another as Bonnie & Clyde, Voldie & Bellatrix, Palpatine & Vader, Sauron & Saruman, Dr. Evil & Minime … you get the painfully violent picture. However, I imagine this frightful saga could cross some kind of blogosphere TMI line. Note to self: while posting a good rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t talk to a room full of strangers about a subject matter, making it a blog topic is doubtless a bad idea. And not the Winnie kind of poo either – even though that’s a topic I don’t mind at all. I do love me some good Pooh – almost as much as he loves him some good honey! “Did you ever stop to think, and…

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