Released by Megan Duncan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Enough with the demons! That I feel this way is not the fault of the author, Megan Duncan. In fact, had I read this way back in April 2011, I might not have had demon overdose. But way back then, I don’t think I could have handled the blood and guts and smells this book evoked.

The overdose that I’ve acquired isn’t just in ugly demons. I am done with Young Adult books with girls that start strong but then fall in love and start getting hurt or fainting or crying. Oh, and the moody-angst! Had it up to here! Again, not the author’s fault. Her’s was probably one of the first of these genres.

When the teens leave their home at the beginning, I wondered why. Sure there were ugly demons that had killed everyone they knew, but if they are tough enough to move on, aren’t they tough enough, smart enough to kill the demons where they were?

Then, when the kids visit this elderly man, I wondered how he was doing so well and why not stay and pick his brain about how he was doing this alone. But they choose to leave. Well, that is typical teen behavior, it’s all about the indestructible teen on an adventure.

Okay, what did I like? I obviously cared or I wouldn’t have given the book three stars. In spite of myself, I loved the characters, especially the siblings, Abby and Carter. They made a good team and had a lot of smarts on their own. I loved the immediacy of the author’s writing. She kept me engaged in the story even when I wanted to stop due to the gruesomeness of the demon hounds. Oh, and I love the cover! That’s the Abby I want to know and love!

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