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Little by Little: A Writer's Education
Little by Little: A Writer’s Education by Jean Little
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This little book has been sitting on my real bookshelf forever, it seems. It is a bookcrossing copy, BCID: 979-11038203. It came into my care by way of my friend, Cheryl in CC NV. She was right, I did love it.

The reason, I think, that I put off reading this book is the tiny font. I often felt I could relate to Jean Little as my eyesight has been an issue of late. Trouble is, I can’t put the book next to my nose to see the letters better. There seems no good way to hold a book with small font so that I can read. I did find that under the right light and best conditions, I could make my way through the book—Little by Little. And, it worked! Still I would have preferred to read this on my Kindle with an Audible version playing. Or at least with text-to-speech enabled. I could have finished this book in a day or so that way instead of taking weeks.

Jean Little has written the ultimate ‘making of a writer’ book. I believe this would make a good book for teachers to read to students from third grade on. The vocabulary might be above the reach of a 9-10 year old, but the story is accessible for everyone. Who hasn’t had insecurity or kids teasing them mercilessly? This might just be the kind of book to squelch bullying.

To have both parents as doctors, way back in the day, was quite a lesson for families. Jean grew up in that household. Her family had a lot of help. Even so, Jean didn’t have the best life. But she found her passion, writing, to be the bread of life for her. There are so many lessons in this little book. I would like to read it again someday. And now I want to read other books by Jean Little including the continuation of her autobiography.

I’ll be moving this book to my friend Yvensong next

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