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I am reading Zen and the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury. I am on the penultimate chapter in which he says (as he does throughout the entire book) to write. His four words to remember are ‘Work, Relax, Don’t Think.’ Anyway, the idea is that if you don’t write everyday and write a lot you are not doing it right.


Meanwhile, in real life, I spent my morning reading email and worrying that I don’t have my laptop working any more. But next to me, in his new recliner is hubby working on his novel. I’m sitting in my new bed with my tablet open, with plenty of programs to work with… Why am I not writing like I am being told by life in the moment? No excuses. So. since I have no goal for the day I will journal until an idea strikes.


I mentioned that my laptop isn’t working. It started out that the recharging cord seemed to be blinking out. Maybe it was the connection within the laptop itself. Who knows? Then the internet went out. No web could be found. DH and I went to WalMart to get an ethernet cord. Got it home and found it too short to reach the box. DB had to make a hole in my closet wall so that it would work. Well, all that work and expense (we had to take a taxi as we have no car) gained me a day of work on my computer. When the battery ran down, I couldn’t recharge it any more. Now I am SO missing all my programs like yWriter, Office, RoughDraft, WriteItNow, etc. Is this the universe saying use it or lose it?


We haven’t the money to fix my laptop or get another. We can’t even go to Rent-a-Center to get a new one as we just bought this bed and chair. I will have to wait until something is paid off before I can do anything. Boo! Another program I miss is the spell check/grammar check that my laptop has working continually. This program has something like it but it seems to think that contracted words are misspelled. AND I just realized that if a word is misspelled it doesn’t offer a way to correct it. I had mispelled <– but had to figure out for myself that I am a dork and needed to add an ‘s’.


What else am I reading? Fingersmith by Sarah Waters. I picked up the hardback, the Audible, the Kindle versions. Kindle now has a way to link with the Audible. It is a really cool feature. I love being able to read along silently during the day and then add the narrator’s voice in my bedtime read and Amazon syncs them both to where I am in either.


Speaking of Fingersmith, I am loving the book but found the change of perspective a little jarring. It starts out from Sue’s point of view. After reaching the conclusion of their mission, the author takes us back to relive the same events but from Maud’s viewpoint. I now understand the need to do that but I went through a couple pages thinking I was still in Sue’s head. I need to make sure I don’t do that. By the way, the hardback made that transition obvious. Kindle didn’t have any chapter or asterisks to separate Sue from Maud.


I have been hurting a lot lately. I had hoped by summer to feel better but I find I can’t handle the constant weather changes that we have here in Reno no better now than mid winter. I’m so tired of feeling left out of everything!


This is a poor time of life for me. I make about $600 a month after medicare is taken out of my pay. If my husband didn’t make a little more than me, we would probably be out on the streets. Even still, we seem to manage. We got rid of our car due to our eyes not being up to driving anymore. My fibro is so painful that I can’t take the bus. It isn’t the riding, it is the standing and waiting for the bus that makes me hurt worse. Instead, if it isn’t within easy walking distance, we take taxis everywhere.


I hope I can get healthy enough to live this way. I miss having my own car. And now, I miss having my own REAL computer. I love my Toshiba Thrive Tablet but as I mentioned above, I am missing a lot of programs here.


Well, how about that? I just wrote 777 words. Not bad for just blathering. I think I’ll post this on my blog. Now 786. That’s a healthy start towards a good habit, huh? 796 Oh, heck let’s move the word count to over 800, okay?

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