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Forged: A Fantasy Short StoryForged: A Fantasy Short Story by Margaret McGaffey Fisk

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a delightful bedtime story. The strong female lead sharing her weaknesses, that are actual strengths, keep the story moving. I love that she is an apprentice to the smithy. That isn’t an easy job even for a strong boy. But she brings her full game and proves invaluable to the smithy and her community.

What I don’t like about short stories: they are short. I just barely was in love with the main character when the story ended. Please, Margaret, I want to know what happens next! I think there is a lot more than can come from this storyline.

Even so, I am glad it wasn’t gruesome or scary as some of the other books I am reading right now. Like I said it was great before bed. I think this would be a story for most people, most ages. It beats Grimm for depth and feminism.

By the way, I feel I am friends with Margaret McGaffey Fisk as she is a member of our writing group. This review, though, is my honest thoughts on a story anyone could have written. Great job, Ms. McGaffey Fisk! I want more!

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