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6,009 Moving Right Along!






Well, at 6,009 I am finally getting to the story I want to tell. I had other plans when I started planning this mid-October, but the sidekick wanted a higher ranking. She wanted her own chapters of fame. I really like her, more than I thought I would. Her back story rings true. She will be great with my main character, the “Centaur” from the planet Equixia. Her sidekick will have to teach to read and write and figure out how to get along in this post-apocalyptic society. But that will happen AFTER said sidekick shoots her to win in a hunting contest. Yeah. Complications ensue!

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*Since COVID-19 regulations to enter destinations around the world keep constantly changing, you are strongly advised to check official announcements by health authorities daily while preparing for your trip

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Get lost in yourself and you'll find everything.

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Travelling is a good way to make your life different as well as fitness and a balanced diet.

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the world turns on a word

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I have a hyperactive imagination.Welcome to my world. You can get here by way of Astoria Blvd.,Sunrise Hwy or Wyoming Avenue~

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The Evolution of Eloquence

Improving the English language one letter at a time



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