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The Scriptorium Daily.

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Please feel free not to read this post. I feel like whining. I have been flaring yesterday and today so word count has fallen behind. Not only that, but for some reason I managed to write a short story rather than a novel out of this batch of plot bunnies. I still like my basic idea but for some reason the exciting scene turned boring as heck. That’s what happens when the fog rolls in. I start writing like an unimaginative second grader with no vocabulary left in my head.


Look, I know, I know. I’ve done NaNo so many times and have gotten horribly behind. And I know that all I need for this draft is getting the ideas down. Rewrites and edits can bring it back to life. And journaling in my “Morning Pages’ can help me through the dark days so that I have plenty to write when energy and clarity come back┬áto me. Then I can make up for wordage.


Still, it doesn’t keep me from being discouraged and down. I’ll get over it. I always do. Guess I just need to wallow in it for a while. For the curious, I am at 12,149 words. Meh.

Inner Mind/Outer Space: Four Short Stories and a Novelette by the Author of Alien WithinInner Mind/Outer Space: Four Short Stories and a Novelette by the Author of Alien Within by Karen Forrester

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After finishing Karen Forrester’s book Alien Within, I wanted more. Though I don’t like short stories because they leave me wanting more, I have to admit that I liked these stories. I think I should have read these first for my own chronology of events. So that is my recommendation.

By the way, this one was free on Smashwords but either of these books can be obtained on Amazon for $.99 each. That is quite the bargain for a bit of imaginative adventure. Inner Mind/Outer Space has the beginning of the world of Alien Within and a bonus chapter of that book.

Though I loved the sci-fi parts, I have to admit that my favorite story was one of grief and gratitude. Again, I would have liked more about the characters in that story, still I got enough to make me love them and the situations presented.

I look forward to reading more by Karen Forrester. I love her writing style and imagination.

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