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Zentangle: The Ultimate Guide to Understand and Create Amazing Patterns and Shapes (Zentagle For Beginners, Zentangle Books, Zentangle Patterns, Zentangle ... rts and Crafts, Creativity, Graphic Design)Zentangle: The Ultimate Guide to Understand and Create Amazing Patterns and Shapes by David Adams

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Another Zentangle book on Kindle. I am so happy that there are so many now. This one is free on Kindle Unlimited and only $2.99 otherwise. Maybe for a beginner it would be worth the price but I have been researching and learning this wonderful art for a little while. I only picked it up for inspiration. And it was free then.

There are not only lovely Zentangles illustrated within the ebook, there were web links to others online. Now I have more boards to follow on my Pinterest! But that’s what that site is for, right?

One new concept that was brought up in this book that I haven’t seen (or noticed) before was how doing Zentangles can be a good habit exchange for a bad habit, such as over-eating or smoking. Great idea!

If you get the chance, look this book up. It is a great introduction to the art of Zentangling.

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