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The Financial Planners Guide to Business Best Practices and Client Engagement: Innovative techniques to maximize your business valueThe Financial Planners Guide to Business Best Practices and Client Engagement: Innovative techniques to maximize your business value by James Fredric

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I am not the audience that this book was written for. I am retired and disabled so as to make consistent work impossible. Even so, I am glad that Jamie Cawley recommended it to me to read and review. She was suggesting it for her friend, the author, James Fredric. I have to admit that it took me a while to get around to reading it, and then didn’t really want to read it. I like fiction, it is much more fun than reality. Especially a reality I haven’t played in for quite a while. But this book, grabbed me.

As Jamie Cawley suggested, I may find some of the book helpful in thoughts of publishing my books or selling said books. Sure, I can see where some of that may apply. But mostly I found wisdom. Yes, the wisdom of growing a business, but also, growing in a personal way. The author isn’t so removed from the reader as to preach what could work. He takes his time and lets us into his world, his mistakes, and his successes. He shows us how to not waste time by doing it the old way. To ask why. Why being the question to teach us how it should be done for better result.

This may be a book for the business people, but I think it is a self-help book for those who want to grow. Mr. Fredric is the counselor many of us cannot afford. He teaches a new way to think. Thank you, Jamie Cawley and James Fredric, for the opportunity and suggestion to read this. I wish you both the best and hope this helps lots and lots of people.

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