Red SummerRed Summer by Antoinette J. Houston

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I picked up this book through Kindle Unlimited. I read other reviews and thought it would be great. Yet at 11% I was ready to stop reading and move to another book. After all, I have tons to choose from. But I decided to switch on my text-to-speech and set it on fast and continued. You see, I never cared, much, for any of the characters and with so many, I kept getting lost as to who was who.

Rita was, of course, my favorite. I loved that she was not the timid, white, girlie-girl. Black and full of fire. Once she let the fire go I was liking her more and more. Why is it that authors don’t write in color more often? Rita is a tough girl! But not to show she’s tough. As with most kids, that’s just a guise to keep from showing her vulnerabilities.

My second favorite was Inny, Ingrid. She was a sweet friend. Or was my second Wil? He was very loving and true.

So obviously, I did get into the characters after TTS took over. Still. With all the action that takes over, I was left panting from the constant action–all in present tense, by the way. I think it works when there is a lot of action. But in the beginning it just added to the confusion.

The context of the story was interesting. A group of young people doomed to relive their teen years again and again. But anyone who has been through those years once, and lived, isn’t likely to want to do it repeatedly. After adulthood hands you its freedoms and responsibilities it seems the angst of adolescence is left behind with the music and fashion best memorialized in school annuals. So reading about this ‘Groundhogs Day’ scenario for a gang of young people, made me tired. Well, tired and thankful it never happened to me.

Still… although I think there will be a sequel, I don’t think I will look for it. I’m sure others will love it as they have this book. At any rate, I wish Antoinette J. Houston all the best!

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