Dark Currents (Agent of Hel, #1)Dark Currents by Jacqueline Carey

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is for Kindle Version ASIN: B008RD2W58. And the Audible version.


Before I got mired down in the mystery and ghostly farts of Temple Secrets, I finished reading Dark Currents. I bought the Kindle and Audible versions a long time ago (a year, I think). I finally got into it, Friday, I think. It seems so long ago. Wish I would have remembered to write the review right after, but something happened and I only just saw that I hadn’t given this book it’s due.

First of all, I love Jacqueline Carey’s writing. I read almost all her stuff a while back. I still love her Kushiel’s Legacy series the best. This is a little different in that it is more on the lines of the demony-werewolfie stuff I have been reading a lot lately (wave to Sara Reine). Still Ms. Carey had a new take on the genre. I loved her characters and world. It all seemed believable, well, sort of.

Second, the narrator, Johanna Parker, was fantastic! She could change her voice according to character or mood and keep the story moving.

Oh and a note about the cat. Geeze, now I can’t remember his name. He was adorably real among all the werewolves, mermaids and other fantasy beings. As tense as the story got sometimes, Ms. Carey kept the banter light enough to not get to be too much.

There is a bit of romance but not sickeningly so. Mostly it is about Daisy, the half-demon, Hel’s agent (the goddess not the place), trying to live a useful life in this town full of fantasy creatures. And she and her partner have to solve a murder. Difficult enough with merely humans involved, but how did the boy die in salt water in Lake Michigan, fresh water?

Though the book didn’t leave us on a cliffhanger, I find myself wanting to enjoy the characters and the town more. So Now that I have my free credit on Audible I will download that version and buy the Kindle version when I get paid. I look forward to more.

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