Beta (War of the Alphas, # 2)Beta by S.M. Reine
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Disclosure: I was given this 4 in 1 book of this series free for review. What I have to add to what is written below is that reading it this way I can hardly tell where one book ends and the next begins. That may be because I am ‘reading’ rather listening by text-to-speech. I use the British female–sounds like Julie Andrews reading to me! The books are seamlessly woven together. I do not like the main character as much as I do Rylie, the first one we meet in Ms. Reine’s worlds and the Alpha that remains Alpha through everything. Deidre is full of flaws and teen mistaken ideas and addictions. Yet, she grows on you and you find yourself rooting for her.

Disclosure: I was gifted this ebook in exchange for an honest review.

Wow! What a sequel! I must admit that I am confused as to what our Omega/Beta, Deidre Tombs actually is as a shifter, still we were given a few clues in this book. I really love her character. Shoot, by saying that I show how Sara Reine writes her characters; so realistic that I forgot there is a writer! Yet how realistic is a shapeshifter? Yet, I believe it while reading it. As always, I am left gasping and wanting to become the main character in Stephen King’s Misery. I want the next book NOW!!!! I want to see if I am correct in my guesses. Don’t worry, Ms. Reine. I’m generally a passive person and have plenty to keep me reading until you can crank out the next.

I was glad to see old friends from Seasons of the Moon and on through other series our prolific author has scribed. By the way, I do highly recommend reading all her books start with Season of the Moon. Her books are full of chills and thrills and characters, places and scenes that are at once unbelievable yet the reader sees everything that is taking place. All senses are engaged and you are there! Beta felt as good as any of her books. And the ending, though not quite a cliffhanger, leaves you wanting to know more. What will happen next? What is she? Great job, Sara!

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