Chicken Poop for the Soul: Backyard AdventuresChicken Poop for the Soul: Backyard Adventures by Teri Metcalf
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What a sweet story about a woman, her family/friends, and some chickens! I feel jealous that she chose this title. I wish I would have thought of that! How adorable! I loved all the stories about the chickens that roamed over from the neighbors’ yard and became a part of their daily lives.

But then somewhere around 79% the story became about the author and her diet. I think that this should have been titled ‘about the author’, but I got over the change in flow and topic. In fact, I got a bit of ‘it’s a small world’ feeling as she tells of her life in 1968. She was in the same city as I was at the time. She and her husband must be very close to my age, a bit older but at our ages the few years don’t matter anymore. Not only were they in the same city but the author seemed to have the same diet of books that created her diet. Her research for pregnancy and raising children were the same as mine. Even her call of being flexitarian which I have been and was more back then than now. Now I am more vegetarian-leaning, always, toward vegan. Just can’t give up the cheese for long.

But back to the bucolic chickens and their lives. When my children were young I had an acre with roaming chickens and had a couple goats, too. Ms. Teri Metcalf brought that back to me and makes me impatient to get that life back. Only 19 days until that happens!

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