Fade to GrayFade to Gray by S.A. Molteni
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As those of you who follow my reviews know, I do not like short stories. But somehow, this didn’t apply. Since I have already read a few books by the author, S.A. Molteni, I felt I knew the main character, the author herself, pretty well. Thereby, this is just another chapter to her life. And it was one I could relate to. Who would think there was enough to write about in just letting one’s hair go gray?

My own experience is that I have dyed or bleached my hair since I was 18 years old. I never liked my mouse brown/dirty dishwater blonde hair. Going gray is still not the problem. As long as that icky brown is the main color I will continue. I would love to go gray like some of my friends, or white as a co-worker did. So, I am in the same position that Ms. Molteni found herself. I guess it happens to a lot of us as we hit 50 or older. She used the example of Jamie Lee Curtis, but I thought often of Liz Taylor and her many hair color changes. Going natural takes either guts or severe laziness. Of course if we had the money to have that special cosmetologist the author was able to use once–and the patience of Job to sit there that long, maybe we could do this gradually.

Still, her story rings true and fills one with humor about the situation. Will I Fade to Gray? Not yet. I just bought a box of color. Maybe in a few months I’ll revisit the situation. 😉

By the way, picked this one up for free and it still is! Fun read!

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