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Schizoaffective Disorder: Your Quick Guide to Understanding Schizoaffective Disorder (psychotic disorders)Schizoaffective Disorder: Your Quick Guide to Understanding Schizoaffective Disorder by Elena Patrick

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My recent research into all things schizophrenia led me to this great little guide. I found it concise and very understandable. I think it would be a good starter for those who have had the diagnosis or those, like me, who know someone and want to have a little knowledge about what my loved one is going through.

This book even goes into the medications that are most often prescribed and how it might affect the patient.

My only question I’m left with as I just couldn’t get it straight in my head, what is the difference between schizoaffective disorder and schizophrenia, or if they are one and the same.

I was lucky to pick this up for free, but it is now $3.97. I think it would be worth it for the patient, their loved ones or a study guide for those studying the mental health disorders.

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Hope's Journey to Recovery from Schizophrenia.Hope’s Journey to Recovery from Schizophrenia. by Stacey Nyongesa

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I recently found out that a good friend of mine has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and seems to be getting worse. With little knowledge of this disorder, I didn’t feel I could be of much help. But meanwhile, I am willing to read what I can so that should the day arise, I might have some knowledge to speak with.

This was a good book to start with. Though the author is in Nairobi Kenya, her story reflects what it must be like for anyone anywhere with this mental issue hanging over them.

I must admit that a decade ago I had a breakdown and was diagnosed with depression. The doctor was very strong about my getting disability insurance and so sent me to his personal lawyer to get that started. Since then I have had a unique drive to learn more about the brain and it’s disorders. I’ve taken psychology classes and try to read a lot. Of course, the disorder I have read most about is depression and its close relative the bipolar diagnosis.

Thank you, Stacey Nyongesa for sharing your story. May you continue in good health.

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Christmas Crochet: 23 Amazing Christmas Crochet Gifts That Will Please Your Friends And Family: (Crochet patterns, Crochet books, Crochet for beginners, ... beginner's guide, step-by-step projects)Christmas Crochet: 23 Amazing Christmas Crochet Gifts That Will Please Your Friends And Family: by Adrienne Scott

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

It’s Christmas time. Time to start working on projects for friends family and, yes, for me. So I am downloading lots of crochet books to look at and decide if it would be worth the while to make the project before me. I would never find myself in a position to make a project without seeing what the final result should look like. Sure, I can read a pattern and follow it. But I don’t have the time, money or yarn to experiment. Even if I did, I wouldn’t with all the wonderful books, with pictures, out there to peruse.

No, I didn’t read every word in this book. But I leafed through the whole thing in hopes of finding the pictures later on. Sure the author is giving away a bonus book at the end but those are ‘diys’ and not necessarily crochet patterns. I ordered one but can’t say if it will be any better than this one.

Meanwhile, though this has an enticing cover, don’t bother unless you want to experiment.

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