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Modern Crochet For Women 25 Sweet Crochet Projects to Make Your Place Cozy: (tunisian crochet, how to crochet, crochet stitches, tunisian crochet, crochet ... babies,crochet for women, modern crochet)Modern Crochet For Women 25 Sweet Crochet Projects to Make Your Place Cozy: by Amber Nikols

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This is more disappointing than most of the free crochet books I’ve looked at recently. Most of those have patterns but no pictures of finished product or enough pictures of how to do certain stitches. No. This one has fantastically fun pictures of things I’d love to make but there are no patterns. And why are there so many books with the history of crochet? And worst of all–the title: Modern Crochet for Women. What? How modern can it be if it is only for women? There are a lot of men who love crocheting. I wish there was a lower star rating for my disappointment.

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Maximum Ride ForeverMaximum Ride Forever by James Patterson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Amazon Prime isn’t all it’s supposed to be. Okay, I know that has nothing to do with the book at hand, but it affects how I felt as I went into it. You see, when you have Amazon Prime, you can have a family account. How exciting is that? That means we shouldn’t have to replicate purchases. My husband has a normal amount of books in his Kindle collection. The Maximum Ride Forever was a part of it. I tried to borrow it.

Okay, let me back up here. I have a full public library’s amount of Kindle books and I get more every day. With Prime, my poor husband was getting all my books onto his Fire carousel. So he called Amazon and they worked him through a couple fixes (two phone calls). He thought he had it fixed. But as of that moment, his copy of Maximum Ride Forever disappeared from my carousel with only 15% read. After much hassle, we decided to sign him into my Audible so I could listen to it on my tablet. Phooey with the book. So I spent my day listening to the story while I sewed. Not a bad way to read, huh?

Kasey Lee Huizinga does an amazing job as narrator for the story. She encompasses Max’s attitude. She does all the characters with the acting skills that should be on Broadway. BUT…

I just wasn’t thrilled with yet another Maximum Ride book that seemed the same as the last few. Boring! Even in the height of adventure, even with bad things happening left and right, it seemed the same story as last time and the time before. Sure, it was a distraction I was glad to put my non-sewing mind to. Still, I found myself calling out to the room, “Again?” I know. What do I want for a post-apocalyptic world that still had mutants in it? There were a couple surprises but I shall not place a spoiler here if you can read it and be as surprised as I was with each… bad or good surprises.

By the way, I think that listening to Maximum Ride is far better than reading it. Get the Audible version if you can. Just an FYI: the Kindle version is $9.99. Too high for me. But it does have text-to-speech. It may not be as much fun as with Kasey Lee Huizinga, but it could help the story go faster as you drive and listen.

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Protector (Flawed, #3)Protector by Becca J. Campbell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lucky is the person that gets to read the Flawed series. Even luckier if you can read the books quickly one right after another. I don’t put this on the author. Becca J. Campbell who is an accomplished writer. I love her stories very much. But my brain keeps getting lost as to what the characters were doing before and I seem to need more background to bring it all together in my head.

As usual, Ms. Campbell had me, even if I couldn’t quite remember the past adventures. Her characters are compelling, yet flawed. And you are even allowed inside the antagonist’s head through his point of view. It doesn’t make you like him any better, but it makes him seem more real and less ‘bad guy’.

Each of the main characters have talents that are puzzling yet seem to have uses in the almost real world that they are a part of. The world seems to be our ‘real’ world yet somehow these gifted few are living among us.

This book was given to me by the author for an honest review. It was an ARC and so I didn’t expect perfection. Yet, it was well done and maybe in the finished copy it will have fixed the minor issue, for me, of a history of the characters of past books. Maybe even a quick cast of characters with a reference of which book what happened in, without giving too much away, that is. All in all, I was pleased with the book and quickly bought the book I was missing in my collection: Pulled. I look forward to reading it and maybe it will fill in the holes for me. I highly recommend this series to fantasy fans everywhere.

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