Even You: A novelEven You: A novel by Marilyn Oser

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Disclaimer: I was given this book for an honest review by NetGalley.com.

Warning: There are trigger issues in this book as my tags suggest, this book has sexual abuse, incest, grief that if you’re not ready for them this book may not be for you. And though the two main characters are in a lesbian relationship that doesn’t play much of a part. It is more about getting over the death of a loved one.

All of the above said I think this was a very interesting book. I like the tool the author used of the journals of the lost partner. These journals were of the time when the lost partner was a young girl in the 1940s. The widowed person left behind is dealing with this in 1995 I think it was in Oklahoma at the time when McVeigh did his dastardly deed. The evils of the present (1995) play against the bigotries and misogyny of the 1940s. And against all of that is the bereavement and depression the main character must contain.

I don’t think I’m doing this book justice. There is a lot here, a lot of story. I like the main character, but my sympathies/empathies hurt for her. Through the journal, I learned to like the partner. We don’t learn a lot about her as an adult but if the main character loves her than we do too.

This book would be good for a younger generation who didn’t live through the 40s who might not remember the 90s. Especially in the South. It is history made personal.

Thank you NetGalley for letting me read this book. Thank you, Marilyn Oser for writing a very touching book. Warnings aside, I recommend this book highly.

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