Rangeela Tales- Book 2Rangeela Tales- Book 2 by Gita V. Reddy

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Disclaimer: I received this book for an honest review.

When I got my version of the book, it didn’t come with the front cover. I’m seeing it here on GoodReads and Amazon first. I love it! It perfectly shows what the book is about.

Two things about this and the first book that I don’t like: the girl is mean, the cat is deadly… and he looks like my cat. There are so few books of great adventure where the girl is the main character. I can understand that it started with educators wanting to get boys involved in reading, but leaving girls out or making them the bad people doesn’t help raise girls who are assertive.

But those two things don’t detract from my five-star rating. Maybe because of reading this and the next book straight through. The cousin, the girl, becomes a better person and the cousins start to enjoy the adventures together.

AND because I read these last two books in a row, I can’t distinguish each book. So I may write the same review for both of them. The first thing I want to say is how I think these three books would make up into a wonderful television series either animated or real actors. Sometimes as the bird is talking I am hearing Mr. Ed speaking. It would be great for the Saturday Morning line-up.

Meanwhile, these three books are great for read-alouds, bedtime or otherwise. Many educational moments could come from parents reading these with their children. The books are written in such a way that the students could read them to themselves. After the first book introduces where the characters live and their living situations, the things that are different than the average American lifestyle would be dismissed and the reader moves into the story with the main character.

What I liked best is the last little bit in the books teaching us all about parrots and Rangeela’s type in particular. It sure makes me want a parrot of my own, even if it wouldn’t have the intelligence of Rangeela, parrots are pretty smart!

Great job, Gita V. Reddy! These were fun books!

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