I Love My Mom-Ich habe meine Mama liebI Love My Mom-Ich habe meine Mama lieb by Shelley Admont

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I finished ‘reading’ this a couple days ago. I put off writing the review because I wanted to write it in German. But I just feel too inept in my writing and speaking of the language. So English it is. In case anyone is interested, I have started working with an app called DuoLingo where you can learn other languages. I started out wanting to do Spanish and German but my two semesters of German is closer in memory (I took those nearly a couple decades ago) than my two years of Spanish in high school. So after I get better with my German I may go back and try Spanish again. Either way, I understand a lot more written than I do any other way. I wish DuoLingo offered Latin because that has got me through a lot of my life as a basis.


This was a cute little book about the love of three sons for their mother. They want to give her a birthday present to show their love. It is sweet and adorable. I would love to be able to read it aloud one day to myself, my cats and hey, it could happen, my grandchildren.

My biggest problem is that the text-to-speech doesn’t work. I would think a child would love to have this be a book to read or have read to him or her so they could learn to read it themselves and understand from both languages. And the language of love that the bunny brothers teach so well. By the way, I have downloaded the German narrators on my fire but they didn’t work any better than the English version. So I will have to learn the words better to be able to speak them with any expertise at all. This nice part about the DuoLingo app is you do get to practice speaking the language. I do wish I could find more books that are read to me in the easy learning levels.

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