Cast in Hellfire (Mage Craft, #2)Cast in Hellfire by S.M. Reine

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Disclosure: I was given this ebook for an honest review.

S.M. Reine has done it again! I can’t believe how prolific she is! I feel I have climbed into her world and each book takes me deeper. Okay, it isn’t a foreign world. It is our world with changes brought about by a lot of factors, gods goddesses, angels, demons, fae, magick and so much more. Just when you think she has introduced all the imaginary creatures available, there are more. And yet, these places are all close at hand. I miss living in Reno just because her books often take you downtown to bars that we humans usually overlook. But her characters can be found in other geographical sites: LA, Las Vegas, Canada, many places. Then you find yourself in heaven, hell and places I had never heard of. Yet it all weaves into a never ending story that feels like you are living another life than we mudbloods usually live.

This is the second book in this new sub-series called, “Mage Craft”. It centers around Marion Garin, daughter of the former Voice of God Metaraon and Seth Wilder, yes, the one we met way back in Ms. Reine’s first of all these ‘serieses’ the ‘Seasons of the Moon’ books. When the apocalypse happened I think Ms. Reine calls it ‘Genisis’, an already distorted earth/heaven/hell brings about changes in everything and everyone. And so it is that Marion is still on a quest to get her memories back. And Seth needs her to find answers for himself.

Although these books are full of excitement that read very fast once you get into them, I still feel the need at this point for references. My memories must be locked up in some canope somewhere, too. I almost think we need a running cast of characters and refer back to when they showed up and how they were affected and caused effects in the Reine-worlds.

And though the story leads to the next book, Sarah Reine didn’t leave us on a cliff. Things were left cleaned up but there are so many more questions we need answers to. I can hardly wait to read the next book in the series! Thank you for continuing the story and letting me read it!

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