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I found this helpful, maybe you will, too. 🙂

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I always recommend that WordPress Bloggers (especially Authors) activate ‘Publicize’ so their posts are automatically uploaded to their media pages (but they will need to have accounts there)

ALSO, add every available share button that WP offer.

These buttons can then be used by their visitors, regardless of whether or not the posting bloggers themselves have accounts in the various media.

This enables visitors, like me, to share and spread their posts further – for Authors especially, this increases their marketing range A LOT.

One button that is not offered by WP is StumbleUpon, but you can add your own (and possibly others), by following this  Step-by-Step guideline article by Michael A Rios

Click on the link or his photo below:



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I found this helpful. Thought I’d share. 🙂

Michael Rios

Last night I ran across a Blog that had a StumbleUpon button on their Blog so that people could share their work if that wanted to do so.

I was like how is that possible, WordPress got rid of that. So research I did. Then I ran across Debby Gies’s Google Plus Page where she shared an article about “The Power of StumbleUpon” which I read, then I was like SOB! So there I am at my desk just shaking my head.

So, if you would like to put a StumbleUpon button on your Blog, then follow these simple steps.


Go to your Dashboard,

Then settings

Then click on Sharing.

Click on services


Add a new Service

When you click on “Add a new service”

A new popup window will open

Enter info

Service Name: Enter Stumble Me (if feeling like a smart butt)

Sharing URL: Copy the below URL…

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Source: More truth

It is difficult to know how to be a feminist. Just saying you believe in equality for women is all well and good, but it doesn’t really help you or anyone when you have to get down to …

Source: Old Women: Shut the Fuck Up.

SEATTLE — Two University of Washington sophomores have been award a prestigious prize for a pair of gloves they invented to help people who are deaf or mute communicate with people who don’t understand sign language.Navid Azodi and Thomas Pryor call their

Source: UW students’ invention could revolutionize sign language | KOMO

Silent Women: Pioneers of CinemaSilent Women: Pioneers of Cinema by Cheryl Robson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Disclaimer: I was given this book by for my honest review.

Are you old enough to remember the cigarette ad featuring a lady smoking with the words above/below (in magazines) or narrated (on television) “You’ve come a long way, baby.” As I was reading this book I kept picturing myself yelling at that ad, “YEAH! BACKWARDS!”

Before and during the world wars, women helped create the silent pictures (among other pioneering works around the world. The wars had all the men busy so the women had to step in and do those male jobs. And they did great jobs. When the men came back home they closed that all down and ratcheted back to the little woman, barefoot and pregnant, in the kitchen where men believed women belonged. And if you aren’t screaming by the end of this book, you haven’t been paying attention.

This is a non-fiction book with footnotes and references galore. If one were reading a traditional paper-paged book, this would be quite handy to follow the strains of facts. But I found that squeezed at the ends of every chapter, they block the flow of the read. Especially, when one reads using Text-to-Speech. It is part of the reason it took me so long to read this gem of a book. I had to stop and fast forward past all the notes to get to the next chapter. I can forgive the few typos as this was an uncorrected proof.

The meat of the book was great! The author, Cheryl Robson, takes us into the lives and careers of many of the silent screen actresses, camera carriers, clip-room slicers, screen writers, and directors at the beginning of the exciting motion picture days. Back then, women were on equal footing. By the last chapter, you are reminded of these last few years of white-male-dominated Academy Awards.

If you follow my reviews, you know that in the last couple of years I have dedicated myself to reading mostly books written by women featuring strong female characters. This has been an awakening challenge for me. This challenge begat the challenge to watch similar types of TV and movies. I learned of the and started seeing how white-male the world of film is. Thank goodness for the ABC Thursday evening goddess: Shonda Rhimes. She gives me hope.

If you need to see how miraculous an evening of Shonda Rhimes is, take these facts directly from this book (Silent Women): “Women make up 51% of our populations. Minority men 18% so why are women only directing 16% of TV…while minority men are directing 18%?” “Minority women make up 19% of the US population yet direct just 2% of TV shows.” This isn’t just a problem of film. But our young girls aren’t seeing themselves in books or movies. I didn’t. It took me until I was in my 60s to see what had been missing. I only read guys adventures and sci-fis. There weren’t female books beyond the cashmere-sweatered Nancy Drew and other good-little-girls-in-their-places books. Is it any wonder I still can’t speak up for myself? Is it any wonder the populations of girls and ladies in this world still can’t show the force they own? I have said it before: We hold up more than half the sky worldwide. We need to show the world how that force works.

Thank you for letting me read this very important book. It should be required reading for everyone.

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I Love My Mom-Ich habe meine Mama liebI Love My Mom-Ich habe meine Mama lieb by Shelley Admont

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I finished ‘reading’ this a couple days ago. I put off writing the review because I wanted to write it in German. But I just feel too inept in my writing and speaking of the language. So English it is. In case anyone is interested, I have started working with an app called DuoLingo where you can learn other languages. I started out wanting to do Spanish and German but my two semesters of German is closer in memory (I took those nearly a couple decades ago) than my two years of Spanish in high school. So after I get better with my German I may go back and try Spanish again. Either way, I understand a lot more written than I do any other way. I wish DuoLingo offered Latin because that has got me through a lot of my life as a basis.


This was a cute little book about the love of three sons for their mother. They want to give her a birthday present to show their love. It is sweet and adorable. I would love to be able to read it aloud one day to myself, my cats and hey, it could happen, my grandchildren.

My biggest problem is that the text-to-speech doesn’t work. I would think a child would love to have this be a book to read or have read to him or her so they could learn to read it themselves and understand from both languages. And the language of love that the bunny brothers teach so well. By the way, I have downloaded the German narrators on my fire but they didn’t work any better than the English version. So I will have to learn the words better to be able to speak them with any expertise at all. This nice part about the DuoLingo app is you do get to practice speaking the language. I do wish I could find more books that are read to me in the easy learning levels.

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Bragging Rights

Hello Darlene,

1459554269 1459554269 goodreads misc

In our community of readers, you stand out in a notable way: You’re one of the top 1% of reviewers on Goodreads!

With every rave and every pan, with every excited GIF and every critical assessment, you’ve helped the Goodreads community get closer to a very important milestone – the 50 Million Reviews mark! Check out the fun infographic we made to celebrate!

You’ve written 1100 reviews since joining Goodreads on January 22nd, 2008. Out of all the reviews you’ve written, this is the review that got the most attention:


Darlene Milner rated a book it was amazing

May 2, 2009 1:37 PM

3393124. uy105
Max (Maximum Ride, #5)
by James Patterson
I so want to be Angel!!!!! I loved this book the most. I hope James is working on number six. The trouble with such captivating fast reads is the hunger for more of the same!

Reading reviews by book lovers like you is one of our favorite things on Goodreads. Thank you for helping other readers find a good (or avoid a not-so-good!) book.

Keep reading (and reviewing!)

1459554702 1459554702 goodreads misc

Co-Founders of Goodreads

Starting as a writer can be very bewildering, and books, blogs, workshops and classes are full of advice. It can be really hard to figure out what is important. Here are some things I wished someon…

Source: Writing advice: what I wish someone would have told me when I started | Must Use Bigger Elephants

The GirlsThe Girls by Emma Cline

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Disclosure: I am the luckiest person alive. Not only did I win the Kindle copy of this book from but about the time I was at the 75% point of that book, the physical, paperback, uncorrected proof, landed in my mailbox. It seems I won the GoodReads (used to be called FirstReads) contest for this book.

My thoughts as I first began reading this book was that this is a small player, less than Squeaky Fromme, in the Charles Manson case. And though I believe it is loosely based on this and other cases like that in the late 60s early 70s, the story is more about that era and some of the teens of that time.

Being a child of the 60s myself, I was very interested in getting this book. I recognized the social cliches, the disenfranchised. But I am here to tell you that not all of us were druggies or runaways. Many of us were more the flower child who believed in peace and love and still do.

This story takes us down the dangerous road of girls who were so in awe of a guy that they would do anything for him. Once on drugs, they were just puppets for this guy. And they took it to the extent of murder, for hardly any reason beyond their fantasies.

So, yeah. Murder and blood are involved. To me, that is the part of the story I didn’t like. And it seemed to be the main point. As I mentioned above the main character is a lesser person of this clique. It is her story. How she felt the need to leave her family and join this strange group. And in spite of myself, I found I wanted to know more about her journey.

Was it the best journey? No. Was it the most interesting journey? Not at all. In fact, I found myself bored, a lot. That is why it took so long for me to read this even though I did have it on Kindle. Just a word on the font of the paperback, it is too small but I could have managed in small doses. So others might do just fine with it.

This was not a favorite book. Could have actually lived without ever reading it. But it was well written and kept me interested. I look forward to sharing the paperback with others and see what they feel about it.

I was finally able to register the book on BookCrossing. I marked it available. It is BCID: 353-13957336 Let me know if you want me to send it your direction.

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