Fomorian Earth (Star Borne, #1)Fomorian Earth by Lars Bergen

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was lucky to win the audible version of this book. Luckily the Kindle version was and is free so I could do immersion reading. And the voice of Elan O’Connor, narrator kept me listening beyond the boring part.

I love sci-fi. I’m currently reading The Martian. Though it doesn’t fit with my goal of books written by women authors about strong female characters, it could easily be. The main character isn’t a macho type who demeans ladies. Ann McCaffery wrote my kind of sci-fi.

But here we are again… It started out in outer-space. I started liking one of the main characters, Brigit. But she sort of got lost in the story and then it became another excuse for a war.

Here you have a story with possibilities, of invention and exploration. What we end up with is a backward planet (Earth) who believed men should rule and fight, and women stay home and birth babies. Tell me, if the best fighter, killer, is the winner of any war, how is it possible to make a better world? And if women were in charge of that, they wouldn’t want war. They don’t want their sons or husbands or fathers to die. Why go through the trouble to birth these people to send them out to die?

On the other hand, this story is a representation of what could have happened in early Irish history. That there are stories that include THEE Brigit that include space travelers in it quite interesting. But that part of the tale came after the story was told. The author telling how the story came into being from research done before writing the fictional version.

So, hey, you may like it. Maybe, if you are like me, the narrator will win your heart, or the possibility that Brigit is from another world? Imagine if sci-fi was a record of history of a religion! Enjoy!

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