Shipping Container Homes: Beginner's Guide On How To Build A Shipping Container HomeShipping Container Homes: Beginner’s Guide On How To Build A Shipping Container Home by Kevin Knight

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When a person buys a bit of property a person is curious as to how to improve said property. I do already have a nice mobile home. Yes, it needs work, but it would be nice to have other buildings for storage or living spaces.

And so it was this person looked at this book for ideas.

Now I don’t normally put a book synopsis on my review. I feel people can find those on the book’s site and make up their own minds about whether to read it or not. But here is the one for this book:
I bought shipping container homes. I made mistakes, don’t you make them.

That’s it. No, how to avoid said mistakes, how to actually find or set up said shipping container as a building. Glad this was free. It was shorter than most Reader’s Digest articles.

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