Cast in Faefire (The Mage Craft, #3)Cast in Faefire by S.M. Reine

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It is great being a part of the Army of Evil. That’s what Sara Reine calls her team of readers. She gives us a chance to read her books first and often for free, as this one was. I look forward to each and every book.

Yet, this was not my favorite. No, the writing was wonderful as usual. In fact, that was the problem. She kept us all in suspense wondering how Marion could love that Elkonig and ignore, yet again, Seth who is obviously in love with her.

The depth that the characters have reached in my mind. I have felt them all real in spite of the fantasy. I think having the real places (Reno, Las Vegas, etc.) mixed in with the fantasy realm which when I lived in Reno, I almost felt was actually there. The possibility that I might run into some of the characters, find my way into the bar that is the demon hang out–well, of course, I knew it was not real. But–what if?

And so the ley lines lead me back to writing this review. But first, the commercial I put in all the S. M. Reine reviews: Get the books. Start at the very beginning with the Six Moon Summer in the Seasons of the Moon series. Don’t ever expect to be finished with her books as Ms. Reine is far more prolific a writer than anyone could be as a reader. 😉

Okay, that wasn’t the direction I had intended as I sat down to write this. I was going to say more about this particular book. But the more I think about it… I just don’t want to put in spoilers. So let me say, this didn’t end the way I expected it to. No, not a cliffhanger, thank goodness Sara doesn’t do that much. But a huge sense that more is going to happen soon, just breathe and get ready.

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