The Just Jot It January 2nd prompt, brought to you by JoAnna, from her blog “Anything is Possible,” is: “Time.” Use it any way you’re inspired to. And make sure you stop by and say hi to JoAnna as well! Here’s her blog: https://joannesilvia.com/


Get ready for some meandering. This is a great prompt for maybe a month of writing!

Is it really January 2017? You have got to be kidding me! November was supposed to be my excuse for catching up with everything but writing. Instead, I fell behind everything, even my usual reviews of books or looming projects fell by the wayside. The “possibility” that I have hopes for in this year, is to get back on track and even start blogging for reals here more.

So remember how they say time flies when you’re having fun? And remember how slow it creeps when the bell was to ring at the end of the school day or that 00 to show up on the digital clock at work that indicated the drive home, the future of no shoes or bra within your grasp but those last seconds took hours?

Then consider this: The last few years, even with fibro pain, etc. have FLOWN by. HOW? We’re not traveling or having parties. Just living. No work-a-day/school days, yet each day seems not to have enough hours to do all I want/need to do. Add to the shortening of time the energies are never where I want them. I want to challenge all baby-boomers to look into their own lives: Is time actually moving faster now than it ever had in our lives or is it just me?

Does the prompt include TIMES? In that case, wow, have times changed! Much of the world seems to think that the 1950s were the good ole days. I call Bull! I had to wear those darn rounded toed black and white shoes. I had to wear scratchy clothes. I could only see being a housewife no matter how much I would get through ‘education.’ And then my parents and grandparents complaining about my short skirts in the 60s. Worry about the possibility of getting pregnant from being too close to boys or door knobs or moths or bees or birds–no one gave the same story.

Ya know, I keep seeing these memes of “If you remember this…like and share.” Really? I remember getting sick because one of my grandmothers threw everything in the meat grinder. I hated ironing–my chore. Really what is so special about a P38 can opener (I still have one as I’m sure everyone who wants to be prepared for the next apocalypse has).

I counter those fond one-up on the newer generations with things our grandparents had that we didn’t have. Like newspaper in the wall to keep out the chill. Like wearing out your shoes while walking behind the covered wagon.  They had things we didn’t good and bad. And what WONDERS the newer generations have given us. Right at the time we are losing our words we can Google on our technology quickly and hopefully save ourselves from the embarrassment of old age.

And how many of you who think we had it best have forgotten how we enjoy crushing candy or putting blocks in order or blowing up things without destroying anything?

But I was the seventh-grader in the library during that time between arriving on the bus and first bell reading the inventions section of Popular Science. I dreamed of the day of solar power, long before the words “Global Warming” became the hit or complaint of whichever side of the fence you live on.

Here’s what I believe:  We are all unlucky and lucky to be born when we were. Our challenges seems to bring about ‘character’ or so we were told by our elders. But who set you up on the internet and who do you call when your technology goes haywire? Yeah, that useless, or so you are calling them, generation. We should all be here for each other no matter our age or any other difference you may call out. We are all part of the experiment of life. Let’s give each other a break! It’s about time!