Thanks so much to Judy at “Edwina’s Episodes” for our prompt today, “Spangly.” You can visit her daily JusJoJan post by clicking here: http://www.edwinasepisodes.com/jusjojan-january-4th-spangly/

And thank you Linda G Hill For letting us all in the fun of this annual event!


Okay, I’ll admit it. I had to look up what it meant. THAT is how non-spangly I am! Sure I love looking at shiny. Shiny is what the ADD person follows! Any shiny! In this case, that spangly, shiny thing could be the conversation happening next to you, when you are in your own conversation (and supposed to be listening to the spouse, friend or person of authority at the same moment.) This is the reason I can’t stand going to church or parties or anywhere there are lots of people. It is the reason if my husband is talking to me I turn down or request he turn down the TV. That used to cause arguments until I made him understand that HIS words were the ones I wanted to hear. TV will pause and replay what I missed.

Spangly, shiny things will get in the way of every goal I claim. I’ve watched that play out every November. In that case, even housework I’ve let go for years gets done rather than the writing of 50K words I should be writing for NaNoWriMo. Heck, November has become the new Spring! BUT for me, that energy I puy out cleaning sometimes lights the creative flames that sitting in front of the blank page would not. This year? Not so much. Shiny won! In my defense, I won for 12 years so… Now the spangly is in the way of editing. Editing is BORING! Spangly wins every time I try.

My friend and I are trying to get more positive about goals to look toward. Another friend and I have not done resolutions but rather ‘possibilities’. So we are setting small goals to help up re-find what holiday spangly lost for us. We are including our creative things like writing or making artwork, to cleaning that ever filling countertops or tabletops. We three friends are Sagittarius’s. Maybe that adds to my own ADD. Adventures need to happen all the time, things have to stay interesting or we tend to quit.

Another thing I understand about ADD is the hyperfocus. I got that all my life. If you can focus on this why can’t you focus on that? I would get from parents and teachers. Not sure I know why, but here are the areas of hyperfocus of late: Reading My Read List, and Loom Knitting items for charities My Projects, and learning Spanish and German from Duolingo. None of these things is bad unto themselves, but they do often keep me from getting other things done that tend to pile up on me. So setting the small goals may help us find our balance.

Spangly is fun and shiny, but nice cotton t-shirts and sweats don’t hurt my skin or cause fibro-flares (another distraction for me). When you can live without thinking of your clothing and look out on your world and see your space in a quiet order, peace can reign.

Still, I haven’t taken down my Christmas Trees. I am hanging my finished projects on it until I have made some Valentine’s Day spangly. Yes, there’s a place for it even in my life.


Sorry for the graininess. Took it with my Fire. (They are good for more than reading!)