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Winter! It is pretty to see all that snow. But I do hate winter cold. Can we have non-cold, healthy-warm snow? Notice the word healthy, that excludes volcanic ash, okay? I just hate being cold. And now I have a new dog in the family. Well, not so new. She belonged to my daughter who found she couldn’t keep the dog in her new apartment without anyone else to keep the dog company.

So that’s how my grandpuppy became my own puppy. She’s not a puppy but a well trained full-grown dog. But I’m not used to having a dog around. She needs to go out for walks and doesn’t use the kitty litter (except for eating a kitty nugget or two–yuck! Dogs can be gross!) But every time she needs to go O-u-t-s-i-d-e. We have to spell it because she gets so excited–until she sees it snowing–that hurts her feet.

So when she needs to one of us needs to don our coat, and boots and hats and scarves and gloves and if it is night, we need a flashlight. So far the three of us (hubby, brother and I) manage to share the joy/work of ‘outside’.

When the weather wasn’t quite so cold (a high of 12 a low of -20) Kali and I have taken walks around our little property. I do feel that she will be good for me as the weather gets better. I don’t mind walking in the snow. Don’t like walking on ice. And as much as I hate donning a coat, Kali will run and hide when I tell her she has to put hers on.

I never thought of dogs as very smart. I think cats are pretty smart in that they can be very self-sufficient. But I never had to spell words to keep them from understanding certain words. They do get ‘food’ but ignore other words. But Kali listened the last time I had to try to get her to wear the coat. I rather thought of how I used to talk to my toddlers. I told her that if she wanted to go on a walk with me she had to wear it. I figure a walk is a bit longer outside than the quick minutes to do her duty and fly back in the house shivering. She understood the last time. But the cold snow is still too much for her tiny legs and feet. So she turned us around at the driveway’s end and headed us back to the house. Since that walk a few days ago, it has been too cold for either of us to try that.

To avoid the coat issue for both of us, I have to tell her that this outside trip must be fast, fast, fast, be quick! And I think she understands that, too. I am really loving this little ‘House Elf’. I call her that because her big ears make her look like Dobbie in Harry Potter.

Here’s a picture of me and Kali taken when she was still with my daughter a couple years ago.