This word is as bad, to my soul, as hate. I see no good in it. I see no recovery from it. If you get to that level of emotion you have passed up many experiences to grow. Before this place, you could leave. You could communicate your frustrations. You could march. You could find a new way of looking at things, for maybe you have ruminated on your problem too long and not aired it out, discussed it with someone neutral. Our minds do get sucked into a whirlpool of the same thoughts over and over. We get stuck. There is no need for hate or contempt. It only ruins you, not the target of that emotion. Find a way around. Find the good in the situation or person. For no one is pure good or bad.

I didn’t want to write on this word. It took me all day to get around to trying. But once again I feel the writing on it helped me feel less afraid of the concept. This was a good prompt even if uncomfortable.

Thank you, Rosemaryย for this prompt.

Thank you, Linda G Hillย for the idea of Just Jot it January!