Hi Cyn Thank you for the prompt of the day. Incomplete.

Thank you, Linda G Hill for the fun of Just Jot It January!



Here are two hats and a scarf that I am currently working on. I always have three to five or more projects going at the same time. And that is true today. I have two more shawls and a doll and gloves all in various stages of incomplete. For many that would be unbearable. Especially, if they are goal oriented. But I have found that my hands hurt less when I switch around between projects. And some projects use all my concentration, those that take constant counting, like the green hat on the purple loom. The white hat on the light green oval loom is the most comfortable as it is loose with no counting. The scarf is just a garter stitch, knit a row purl coming back, on the smaller oval loom. Yes, all are incomplete but make me absolutely happy as I chug along. It isn’t the destination, as they say, it is the trip getting there. In this case, I go into physical shock when I’ve completed something. I need to find the next and get started NOW. That goes for my knitting and reading the most.