Okay, this isn’t today. This was when the snow was deeper. But the picture grabbed me. It echoed what I have been seeing in the snow daily. It doesn’t matter if it is a sunny day or gray day, the photos seem to come out with a blue tinge.

Today was sunny. I needed my sunglasses along with my coat to take the dog out. But sunny and blue makes more ice. So I don’t walk her. I stay on the porch as she goes to sniff out her special spot for the moment.

Aren’t dogs silly with all that sniffing around and finding their piddle or poo spots? It’s like how I go to sleep laughing every night. She crawls under the covers with me. She turns around in circles at least three times. Then she plops down and sighs a deep sigh. Why? Oh, and the way when she’s in her own bed how she scrapes up the blanket and piles it this way and that, only to do that turn around and around and plop and sigh. Sometimes I wish I could read her mind to see WHY she does these things.

But I digress. Blue is the word.

I think I am avoiding it. I keep hearing Cabaret in my head and feel it is time to rewatch it. I know a lot of people are discovering 1984. If we aren’t careful and learn the good our country has to offer in constitutional law and “We the people…” who are the popular vote, we could find ourselves singing Cabaret as was sung in the last scene.

Blue is such a lovely color. Why is it given to the word that means depressed or apathetic? I love the ocean. But surrounded by the sea and sky with no land in sight, possibly falling in and being engulfed–that is the ‘blue’ that is painting my world lately. Loving so many people that just don’t see the world the way I do. That I feel are singing the opening scene of the play. Blue.

Much as we want to bring our friends and family to our way of thinking, it can’t be done. It’s all emotion and little reason, even when facts are right there. I get it. There are beliefs I have that no fact can change, beliefs that give me faith and hope. But at some point, we have to realize the truth, even if it throws us for a loop. Walk in the other person’s shoes.  Allow for those emotions. But somehow, before the end of this play, we need to remember. Before we find ourselves surrounded, engulfed by this sad blue ocean and drowning in something we can’t pull ourselves out of.


This meandering BLUE is brought to you by Linda G Hill. Thank you for helping me write every day of January! What happens in February?