What can you do? They are there. Some mistakes like the one I just typed can be fixed by hitting backspace and retyping. Others take lifetimes to make right. This blog is about a simple one. But it is so frustrating.


See just above the huge safety pin  (cable holder)? Who knows when or how I did it but since this is a shawl for a chilly patient, I don’t want to ignore it and hope no one else sees it. Maybe if it were for me I would ignore. But for no one else. Hmmm, that seems a concept I need to look at. Why wouldn’t I want it as perfect for me as I would want it for others?

Anyway, this means I have to Tink rather than Frog. For those who might not know: Frogging is when you ‘rip it’ out. Get it? Rip it (ribbit). That means pulling on the yarn and undoing the whole thing and starting over again. Well, this particular shawl has seen 4 complete frogs. Not because of a mistake but because, for some reason, the neck part kept rolling. This time I am purling the last stitch of the row and the first stitch of the next row. That seems to be helping that problem. I was going along quite well when I saw that hole. UGH! So I am Tinking back to the row below the mistake. TINK is KNIT backward. It is slow. Not as fun as ripping it all out, but will get to the finished product a lot quicker. The big picture is that it will look nicer and I will feel proud to give it to someone who might find comfort from it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all mistakes could be fixed so easily?