I commented on Cee’s site: This is so great I plan to reblog. I thought the 11:11 one was only one my friends and I shared. I was so glad to find it. As for the straw wrappers… The manufacturers of late make it difficult to take the wrapper off. It is so tight. But I used to us the wrapper for decisions. This guy or that? Should I ask for this or that? This name of baby or that? Should I stay or go? Any either or. But now I end up ripping the wrapper trying to get it off the straw. Thanks for sharing. I learned some new ones!

Cee's Photography

Here is my entry for this week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge with the topic of Wish.  ENJOY.

Below my photo gallery, you will find 21 things you can make wishes with.

Click on photo to enlarge.  Thanks.

Wishbone. I don’t know about your family, but in mine everybody wanted the wishbone. After the turkey has been fully dismantled, the wishbone is set aside to dry. Later, two people take one prong and pull until it snaps. Whoever is holding the prong with the top still connected is gonna get their wish.

Straw Wrappers. This is similar to the wishbone. Remove the paper from the straw and tie a knot in it. One person pulls at each end until the paper tears, and whoever has the knot gets their wish.

Eyelashes. If an eyelash falls out accidentally (don’t pull it!), put it on the back of…

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