Thank you, Linda G. Hill for hosting Just Jot It January. Thank you, the many layered pensitivity  for the prompt:


It is not as cold for us right now, in the Outback of Oregon. Last year seemed to be constant snow that didn’t go away until May. It’s raining outside today. I went outside yesterday in a T-shirt and no sweater or sweatshirt. BUT…

Early in this winter, my daughter made a statement on FaceBook that has stayed with me. You know how you wear a coat when it’s cold? What about that lower part? Ladies, don’t you find that the lower parts are still cold? Some people said that thermals were the answer or leggings. But honestly. You may already wear thermal tops and bottoms but still wear a coat. Why don’t we have pants that are like coats that when you get somewhere you can unzip and put them aside and not die from the heat inside? Why hasn’t this ever been invented? We could call them poats.

Anybody want to take this on? I’d love to not have a freezing bum or thighs when walking the dog. Let’s hear it for poats!