When I first saw the prompt I thought it said Undiscover. “What?” I asked the room. “Is that anything like unsee? Like I will NEVER be able to unsee THAT!”

I worked on that presumption all day. I got nothing.

Finally, I got to the writing time and took a fresh look at the prompt. “OH!”

Things to add to today’s previously undiscovered things:

A new wrinkle

A new idea

A series or movie

A blog

A pattern

A new ache or pain

A new book

A great Chair Yoga

A new FaceBook meme

A new appreciation for old friends or family

A new sound in outer space

A new baby(?)

Some of these previously undiscovered things are as local as personal. Others reach out a bit. Exaggerate much?

While most of these are merely life happenings. Imagine the time when humans had undiscovered lands and people. Exciting. Yet scary. Imagine leaving your loved ones to go off and discover what may be there–or not. Makes an undiscovered wrinkle or pain a minor wrinkle.

I wish at this age I had the energy to get up and go like I could when younger. Discovery and adventure were more than just in books or movies. Maybe that Chair Yoga will give me what I need to bring some of that back. What do you think?

Jotted because of Linda. Previously undiscovered blog of prompt.