Echoes are fantastic. Going out into a rock quarry or empty house and shouting gives you your words back, well at least partially. Then there’s the crazy saying that ducks don’t echo. Mythbusters tried to prove it.

The word echo could mean repeat. Which brings up the fact that I love watching things over and over. Because, as I’ve said before, I watch things just to keep my mind busy while I knit. Oh, wait. Reverse that. Truth is, I don’t pay close attention to the show I’m watching. My family teases me when I have to ask, “Did I see that already?” Even if I remember seeing it, if I liked it I don’t mind watching it over and over as I pick up something new. Now that the story/plot is known to me, how did the actors play their character? Wow, that music. Pirates of the Caribbean movies or Game of Thrones binges get echoed most.

Antacids prevent digestive echoes.

Maybe déjà vu is a sort of psychic echo? Serendipity an echo of yesterday’s prompt could be a temporal echo?

Maybe ghosts are spiritual echoes?

As children, we learn through echoing information, words, multiplication facts. Could it be all echoes are helping us learn?

This was quite an interesting prompt for me. Thank you, Lady Lee! Thank you Linda, for Just Jot It January.