Just another blog. I’m sorry. I have nothing. Again. But here’s the thing. When do you yawn and why? It isn’t always for boredom. I yawn when I get started on yoga. After I’ve done some of the postures and breathing my yawns go away and I feel better.

Then there are nap and bedtimes when the body tells us that it is time to sleep. Yawn after yawn until we hear what our bodies are saying.

Yawning is dangerous for those of us with TMJ. I watch the emergency shows and last week a lady was stuck mid-yawn and couldn’t get her jaws to close again. I knew this was a possibility that is why I often use that closed mouth yawn you use when you are supposed to be paying attention: plays, speeches, someone talking to you, church, reading something boring like this. I even add the hand over the mouth to help keep the mouth closed.

Oh, what joy it would be not to have that fear and to let that yawn take control. But our nearest emergency room is an hour and a half and then there is the waiting in the waiting room. Germs and ugh! So, I’ll stick with the prim and proper yawn and let go in other areas of my life.

*Yawn* is the prompt given to us by our seemingly tireless writer, blogger, and challenger, Linda G. Hill. Thanks, I think. And good night.