The thing is I wanted to go look up quotes and pictures. I don’t believe that is the point of Stream of Consciousness. And it wasted my writing time.

I guess I feel a little bad when I have to be the critic like I had to be with yesterday’s review. Here I am at the point where I need critiques of my overall book (not ready for the pickiunies). And I’m afraid. Yet as I review books I feel I have to let first of all my future self how I felt about a book and then friends. I never assume that mine is the only critique. It may not even be close to how I feel if I re-read a book later in another level of my path as a person. It is just what it is in the moment.

Often when I read a book my pain levels are high, or my brain is foggy, or circumstances in my life flavor everything I do. I try to include these variants in my reviews. I know to some people that may be a limb I shouldn’t go out on. They just want to know about the book. Not about me. But like I said above, I write these for me and share with others. I spent too many years re-reading the first part of a book thinking it seemed familiar. But no way to keep track until GoodRead came along. I share copies of my critiques on Amazon and here and NetGalley.

Is that against Internet rules to do that? I often see that people say, ‘as posted on…’ Am I supposed to say that? Why? I just copy and paste my own words. If I want to share someone else’s I try to make sure to give the author attributes so it doesn’t seem like I’ve copied someone’s work. But it seems like it ought to be okay to share my own, right?

Anyway, is there a quote that says, ‘All the world’s a critic.’ or words to that effect? That was the quote I was trying to find.

My  mother used to say, “It’s easy to criticize, harder to walk in their skins.” Something I need to remember always.

Thanks, Linda for this challenge and the prompt ‘Critic’.